Popped the SD card and applied a little text editing to `/etc/shadow` and got back in. Turns out the problem was that I had gotten IPv6 working on my home network since the last time I messed with it and my v6 block wasn't trusted.

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Had to hack the Pi that runs my 3D printer. I couldn't get into the web interface anymore; it had my SSH key on it but I didn't remember the password to `sudo` to look at the logs.

I tossed the "regrow scallions in a cup of water" experiment but it's going to be replaced with a dedicated pot that will provide us with PERPETUAL SCALLION. Might try for perpetual leeks too.

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The sad, dead remains of the failed herb garden await renewal. Don't try to start plants a week before you go on a long vacation. Also, look up how deep seeds want to be sown before you sow them. New seeds are in the mail. Hopefully they will fare better.

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The snake plant in the corner stands stoically, unchanging, unchangable. Has it been watered? It does not care. Maybe it's grown taller in the past year? No one can say.

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There's a blue flowering vine that's gone rampant out back. I'm pretty sure it's feral Morning Glory. I'm considering taking clippings and trying to start some clones of it inside before it gets too cold, but considering how it's doing out back, I'm concerned about a hostile takeover.

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Some wee random plants with heart-shaped leaves with saw-toothed edges have colonized the lemon tree's pot. I'm not sure if I should cull them or welcome them. They seem harmless so far.

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The lemon tree came back inside for the year. This will be its second winter. Sadly, the orange tree didn't make it through last winter. I'm probably some sort of evil monster for trying to grow citrus in Chicago.

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Every time I expand or spiff up the plant wall in the corner of my office, I lose two days of work gazing raptly at the plants

I added client-side search to my blog. It's literally the coolest frontend thing I've ever done, please enjoy:

Email from Gavin Newsom in my inbox with the subject "Please give me a chance to explain" and it's not an apology for vetoing the crypto license bill. Get bent.

I am so tired of "obligation television." I am done watching shit I dislike just so I can converse about it with other people who have watched it.

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tfw you hate the first episode of a show so much that the recap at the beginning of the second episode makes you turn it off before it even starts

It’s a drag that there’s a cop emoji but no criminal emoji

Wore my glasses into the shower and it's like I got my prescription updated. This clarity will last maybe an hour tops before the kid shoves a greasy hand into my eyes.

- "10 Year Limited Warranty" sticker
- 600 emails warning of dire circumstances if you don't buy a service plan after the first year

Get you a major appliance that can do both

Other plants in my office: *dead after 3 days*
Pothos: Let's make an army together

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Poison Ivy's lair but it's just my pothos and its 8 clones chilling in my office

@vkc I made it to 40 using a Model M exclusively (it’s what I learned to type on!) but my wrists forced me to switch to a split. I still miss my springs but it was split keyboard or stop working :(

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