One of my articles hit the front page of the orange website again (which I have turned purple, for reasons):

I have a standing search (on for the name of my town in my RSS reader. Sometimes it turns up interesting stuff. Sometimes it does this (I do not live in or anywhere near Dallas):

Hugo Ball is fashion goals. Gonna get dolled up, go out, and shout KARAWANE at folks on the street.

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Me: Yooo, Ace, can you tell me if you have these in stock?
Ace Hardware's website: No.

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While we wait, let's take a moment to admire the "social media" image I made for python-starlark-go:

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This is what I get when I hit the unsubscribe link on HP's mailing list. (I am not FRANK)

Me: *trying to write an objective article about container orchestrators*
My brain:

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