How did we end up with both Dr. (Stephen) Strange and Dr. Hugo Strange? Is this a "these folks are messing with each other" situation like the Captains Marvel or is it just an accident?

@jordan I assumed it was a DC vs Marvel thing and they are two different strages

@mcuellar Yeah, but is it like DC buying Captain Marvel from Fawcett to screw with Marvel (and then Marvel snapping the trademark up when DC let it lapse to clap back) or is it just coincidence?

@jordan the picture that pops into my head is of a courtroom scene as the lawyer for one of the publishing houses dramatically declares - holding up a old-timey phone book - “your honor, the fact that there are over 100 *actual* Dr. Stranges in our metropolitan area alone demands that you rule for my client and vacate this frivolous cease and desist order, so *our* good doctor can continue to cause mayhem and confusion.”

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