Why doesn't anyone make labels small enough for micro SD cards? :( :( :(

Pretty sure I've got a pile of counterfeit SanDisk micro SD cards here, nothing I flash on them passes checksum verification, even on one fresh out of the package. This is why I buy MicroCenter store brand stuff, nobody bothers counterfeiting that.

What's all this about Luna then? What does carpet have to do with cryptocurrency?

Well, I hacked RPM to be deterministic but it looks like hacking btrfs might be a bridge too far. Fortunately that's the very last output of my pipeline, so as long as all the precursors are cached, I think I can avoid unnecessarily rebuilding it anyway.

poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

LOL it worked! I had to zero out the transaction IDs too, but as far as I can tell those are pretty much write-only and I don't need the bookkeeping

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If I can get everything I have coming out of Yocto to be bit-for-bit reproducible then I'm going to have a much easier time funneling this foo into BuildKit

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Hacking RPM to hardcode package install times to 0 in the hopes of getting a deterministic rpmdb

The sudden jump in temperature came with a sudden jump in activity and now I am very sore

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